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movie review plus griping

have you ever gone to the movies and realized three movie trailers in that you were smarter than 3/4 of the rest of the audience? went and hung out in emeryville today and decided to go see 'whip it'. i wasn't really sure if this was gonna be like a 'juno' kind of good hipster movie or a tragic 'nick and nora's infinite playlist' kind of movie, happy to report that it was definitely more of a 'juno' kind of movie. so anyways, i mean i know the people in there weren't dumb, at least i would like to hope that, but the pandering from some of the trailers was just too much. the trailer in particular that brought me to this conclusion was 'the tooth fairy', yet another one of dwayne 'the rock' johnson's family friendly tough but cuddly movies. the audience just kept right along with the laugh track and i was really worried that 'whip it' would be ruined by a whole bunch of sheep laughing at all the wrong parts.

as usual my fears were unfounded, i only laughed at a couple parts where the people around me didn't seem to get the hilarity, major point being when har mar superstar made a cameo (i was really hoping for a sexy dance but he wouldn't oblige me). all in all i have to say the movie was enjoyable and i would totally see it again. drew's got the directing thing pretty much in the bag, just needs to work on her endings- it seemed like she just didn't know what was the right way to finish the film and just kept adding little tableaus until the magic 8-ball said enough already. 'whip it' is definitely a member of the hipster movement, complete with radiohead and peaches tracks, shaky hand-cam, celebrity friend cameos, and poignant bittersweet moments. and as much as drew tried to stay in the background her character came pretty close to stealing the show, mostly cause we're use to seeing drew playing cute/quirky loveable goofball, whereas in 'whip it' she just let her freak flag fly and you were rabidly waiting/ anticipating what she would do next.

OT: back to the whole pandering to the audience thing i'm probably just testy or my rabid fan side has the upper hand, but i was watching 'bones' the other night and literally wanted to reach in and smack the actors. the whole lead-in to the mystery was so painfully obvious as to be insulting. "hey look guys we found a body that can't be more then two months old but the physiological markers show that he has never come in contact with electricity, floride, or processed foods" -he's amish- "i would swear he grew up in the early 1900s" -he's amish- " and look it would appear he grew up somewhere in the mid northeast (let's depict that area on a map without borders or state names so people can't tell he's from philidelphia)" -he's amish you retards!!!- "oh look he's amish" - blows brain out, did we really have to take 20 minutes to get to this conclusion!?! and to make sure this was a thoroughly disappointing episode lets drive home the message that the amish have it right even thought during rumspringa they drink, smoke, snort, shoot-up anything they can get their hands on, and have sex with anything the moves. and having the bad guy be some joe schmo that we've never met instead of the partying amish kid we met in the beginning nullifies any viewer satisfaction of figuring out the case along with/before the whole crime fighting team. lame.

getting out of america

ok som i finally have something interesting to post about in this blog! but be warned it will start off with my ususal sulking.

so four days ago, back in the states, everything was going to plan (pretty much) i went and got my hair done, but unfortunately missed the delivery of a very important delivery. but that was ok cause i still have one more chance to pick it up before i left for europe. i went to work, did my thing and headed home to pack, cause all you really need is a couple of hours to pack for a 5 week vacation (normally i would add a dash there but i can't figure it out on this kooky dannish keyboard, so bear with me).

anyways, sat. dec. 20 finally rolled around and i was ready, my bag was packed with all of the goodies for my relatives and we were going to stop off at the post office's main hub to pick up that missed delivery. unfortunatly no one warned the post office so even though they had over 24 hours to put my package in the waiting for pick up room they somehow didn't. instead they lost it or whatever and i was forced to leave without it.

we, my mom and i incase you were wondering, made it to the airport (i found out the previous day that i was supposed to leave from the domestic terminal instead of the internation, bummer) and the line for united was absolutely insane. but i didn't care, i was going to talk to a teller goddammit! it probably took me an extra half hour to speak to a teller instead of doing the electronic check in thing, but it was worth it. i was really worried that my luggage would be over weight so i brought a small box just in case. the teller i ended up talking to was a little weird, she checked my bag (it was only 35 pounds) but would only give me two of my three tickets, apparently i had to check in with one of the scandanavian stations in order to get my last ticket to my final destination. i was fine with that since i would have to switch from the domestic to the international terminal anyways.

so i made it to my gate with time to spare and litteraly within two minutes of sitting down my 11.30 am it was delayed 2 hours which was so not cool, seeing as i had a tow and a half hour layover in new york before i caught my plan to warsaw, poland. i started talking to the two people sitting close to me and found out that the lady, megan, was also booked jfk to poland flight with me, so we worried together. all in all we didn't start boarding till around 2.45 pm and had to wait on the tarmac for half an hour. all of this was due to some cataclysmic storm that was raging through the east coast that had delayed tons of flights and had pushed ours back.

oddly, megan and i hadn't been given seats when we booked so when they got around to us we were put in seats right next to each other, score! we ended up right behind bussines class with extra leg space, double score! to make amends for the late departure they gave first class and business class free champagne (there were a couple extras so the people directly behind bussines class, us, also got some, yeah!) the flight would've been totally uneventful except that directly across from us was malik (something) one of the cast members on weeds and 30 rock. megan and i decided not to bother him during the flight were totally thrilled.

so the flight, while relatively short, fot in at 11.00 pm the axact time that our flight to poland was supposed to leave. our only hope was that a) our flight might be delayed because of the bad weather and b) that because there were a lot of other people transfering to other planes going to europe they might hold the flights. yeah i know really dumb idea, but we needed some kind of hope. well our plane left on time (without us) and because jfk basically shuts down at 11.00 pm there wouldn't be another flight for anywhere in europe until the next day starting at 5.00 pm (so there was no reason to sleep in the airport or come early and hope for stand by seats. unfortuneatly for most people (there were like 20 of us) all of the hotels around the airport were completely booked.

now the whole time i was in transit i had been telling people that this year would be the first year i wasn't going home to my grnadma's in 25 years, so of course i had no option but to go to my grnadma's, especially since i wouldn't be leaving out of jfk but newark (life sucks). megan opted to stay at the airport cause she was really desperate to get to italy (she needed to get in touch with her boyfriend who was in italy even though they didn't have any means to get in touch). so i headed home to brooklyn all by my lonesome at 1.00 am without my luggage, cause they had misplaced it.

i arrived at utica station and stepped out into this freezing cold wasteland of ice and slush, in my cords, new wool jacket, and cheap sketchers sneakers. hoping to catch a bus instead of walking the 8 blocks in the freezing cold, i made it over to the 46 bus stop were there was one other patron already waiting. i should have figured something was fishy with him seeing as how he was in his cap, jacket, and skinny jeans with his ass half hanging out of his pants, listening to music and sliding around on the ice. but i decided to trust him when he said a bus was due within a few minutes. when that bus didn't show up i was ok, but when the second bus didn't come, and no buses came from the oposite direction either, i decided to read the bus schedule for myself. it turned out that the guy had been reading the weekday schedule instead of the sunday schedule, and that there wouldn't be another bus for another half hour.

so being fearless, or delierious i opted to walk the 8 blocks alone in the freezing cold and hope not to be mugged. i have to say i did amazingly well. the cold it seems kept the normal layabouts inside, and my cheap sketchers not only had enough traction to keep my from slipping and breaking a hip, they also were sealed tight enough that no slush seeped through them. so around 2.00 am i arrived at my grandma's frozen through, the wind was really strong. i would've crashed immediately but ended up talking with various cousins and sending emails to denmark for another 2 hours so i didn't get to bed till about 4.

by the time i woke up the next morning, my mother had arrived in new york and gone shopping with my cousin chad for groceries. everyone was in the kitchen discussing the best time for me to leave for newark, who would accompany me to the bus terminal (to get from manhatten to new jersey) and what was the best time for me to leave. i got to see most of my family wish them a merry christmas and then head on out. amady accompanied me to the bus terminal, and after a lot of misinformation i made it to the right bus stop. the ride was pretty much straight forward. i got to the airport, my flight was leaving on time, and i made it through customs with as little racial profiling as can be expected from new jersey.

i'll recap my first couple of days in denmark tomorrow, my fingers are hurting and azariah wants to build sims families on his new laptop.


p.s. there will be accompanying pictures in the near future for this post as well as the others soon to come.

I've got nothing

As of right now I really haven't done anything of interest. I'm just waiting for the semester to end so I can high-tail it across the pond and start sightseeing. As of yet my plans are to fly into denmark via warsaw poland (this should be interesting, i'm guessing they don't see that many black people over there, which doesn't really phase me. i'm just curious if they are part of the eu, and if not i want to get my hands on some polish money- as a keepsake). so i'll be staying with my danish family for about a week- for christmas eve we get to dance around the christmas tree- hilarity shall ensue. and there is a possibility of going to see the royal ballet's performance of the nutcracker, which would be totally amazing since i haven't gone to see it in like a billion years, plus it's the freakin ROYAL BALLET.

after denmark it's off to france. if my cousin amady pulls through with his senegalise cousins i'll have a place to stay in paris and be able to celebrate the new years in freakin PARIS. how awesome is that. as a side trip i'm really hoping to visit gobelins college of the arts place. they are this razzmatazz amazing school of animation that come up with some really quirky animated shorts. then i'll have a little brad and nicky face time, sprinkled with a bit of ridiculous shopping for french animation. my main goal is to purchase nocturna, after that it's up for grabs.

then, if nicky is able to get a little time off, the two of us are off to venice. i give full notice that i will be an uber-annoying tourist and take pictures of like everything, getting in everybodies way. next i'm off to rome, sans nicky, and will be going to the vatican- as long as i don't burst into flames upon entering the holy city. i'm so incredibly desperate to see bernini's sculptures.

lastly i was hoping to stop off in merry old england, check out london, possibly make it up to manchester and meet up with some friends i made in new zealand, and if i had the time make my way up to scotland. don't know why, i just think they have a beautiful countryside and it would be fun.
haha, it's been like a million years since i've posted like anything, and what was so important that i would breach my vow of silence. . .HATING. so my fellow lab tech dara decided that she just had to go to ny for whatever reason, and low and behold, in true dara fashion she calls to say that her flight is delayed and she wont be able to make it in on time for monday morning. LIES. who the hell calls in at 3 pm the day before to say that their flight will be delayed so much that even with 12 hours to spare they wont be able to make it in? now dara being a hippie chick might have somehow missed reading/hearing about that whole faa debacle but i'm seriously doubting that. what more than likely happened was that she either decided she wanted to stay in ny a day longer (why anyone would want to do that is beyond me) and hang with her friends. or being the perky little overachiever that she is she thought that a full six hours of sleep on the plane she would be well rested and able to go to work like three hours after landing. now usually none of this stuff would bother me cause i'd still be deep asleep in my nice warm comfy bed at home for another 20 minutes, cause matt would've taken over dara's shift, but this past saturday was like matt's last day. technically he still works here three days a week but he has really wonky hours and might as well just quit this job for his new, better job. so that's one stand in down, that's ok there's still two more to go. but wait arron left for japan last week and wont be back till tomorrow, and alex mysteriously has to fill in for a proff (even though he has no educational training) so he has to come in late. which means little old me is the only person who can fill in for the 7:30 am time slot. yip. . . . . y.

after having woken up i made an official decree throughout all of ariland (yes the imaginary world that only exists inside my head) that anything in-between the time i go to sleep and 9 am is the ungodly hour. that statement may not make any logical sense, but it doesn't have to cause i'm tired and cranky. i'm not saying that i've never had to wake up during the ungodly hour before in my life but there's usually been some kind of perk attached to it, and going home three hours earlier just isn't enough (especially since i still have two more days for the work week). anyways on these rare occasions when i do have to wake up during the ungodly hour i try (being the operative word here) to go to sleep like at least an hour earlier, but i couldn't last night cause i still had homework to finish up. that was my own dame fault, but in my defense when i planned out this previous week i didn't count on having to wake up at 6:40 am monday morning. but even if i had made some freakish plan ahead of time that would've allowed me to go to bed earlier (like finishing my homework a day or two before it was due- *pssssh* like that's gonna happen) that would've been to easy.

now i have always prided myself on being a hard sleeper, it doesn't matter if i'm on a plane, in a moving car on a bumpy road, on a train, on a boat out in the open sea, in ny, or at home next to the traffic-y freeway i can go to sleep. if i'm tired or just don't feel like doing anything i can go to sleep and nothing can stop me. or at least that is what i've always lead myself to believe. but life it seems has found my kryptonite. i'll give you a hint it's loud and obnoxious, travels in packs, talentless, dumber-than-dirt, and an all-around waste of space. and the judges will accept: a) a grunt b) rolling of your eyes to the heavens c) black people d) shiftless negroes or d) all of the above. apparently a large group of wannabe thugs/ next b2k have decided to commandeer the stairwell leading up to my apartment typically around 3 am. so who are these aggravating mongrels you might ask, well from what i've found out one of them is the boyfriend of some asshole who lives in my building. he and his buddies like to hang out, but instead of doing it in her apartment they go outside so as not to bother her. wtf? there are three parks, a parking lot, school steps, countless bars, and fucking children's fairyland that they can go haunt, but no they have to wake me when i'm trying to get some sleep.

to top this whole nightmarish beginning of a day off i wake up, eat breakfast, and get out for carpool. not being accustomed to bridge traffic at this time i give myself what i think to be a reasonable amount of time, but still only just reach the drop-off point at 7:30 am the time i'm supposed to have arrived at work. so i say fuck it i'm not going to even try bothering with the 10 i'm just going to catch the 7:45 school shuttle and get there when i get there. so 7:45 rolls up and there's my bus, typically with such a large group of people the bus driver will open up both the front and back doors to move everything along faster. this guy doesn't. instead he's determined to have everyone show him their school ids before they're allowed on. this is not fucking school policy! i have never been asked to show my id to get on a shuttle, hell for the first two months of school i couldn't find the dame thing and it didn't even matter cause the guards to the building know me by sight and don't even care if i have my id on me. luckily i did in fact have my school id on me but it was lost somewhere within the deep, dark, uncharted regions of my bag. aha! i found a pay-stub and show it to this total douche and he looks at it and he goes "that's not an id." no you fucktard it's not an id, it's a pay-stub the exact same kind of pay-stub you get ever two weeks. how much mental-math did that take you? the two of you reading this rant my be thinking that i might've been overreacting but this asswipe was seriously thinking of kicking me off the bus for not having my id. i get that the school doesn't want random hobos hopping on the buses, but they aren't even that hard core when it comes to getting inside the actual buildings. if you don't have an id you just sign in, and like i said a whole bunch of people get on other buses and none of the other bus drivers asked for id cause it's not school policy.

anywho in the long run it wouldn't of mattered if i got kicked off the bus and arrived late, as is i was like 20 minutes late and slept for the first 40 minutes virtually unmolested. this job pretty much rocks. except for the lack-wit students i have to coddle from time to time. and yes their official title is lack-wit. somehow these pathetic, mewling little crybabies have made it through 3/4 of the semester and still don't know how to burn a cd, turn on a mac, take off the lens cap, and a plethora of little problems that seem to befuddle them. good god, i know i'm like four years older then most of these kids but if i were that pathetic when i was there age i would've shot myself or at least taken my rightful place with all the other darwin awards recipients.

man i could go for a crisp, cool, refreshing glass of hater-ade right about now, but i'll just content myself with watching juno and some british period pieces.


playing catch up

huh you would think with me taking three weeks off from writting that i might have something somewhat interesting happen to me or to say, but no still the same old same old. well i shouldn't say that i just discovered amazon's mp3 downloadable music that's drm free, booyah! finally some competition for itunes that doesn't need catchy music clips and commericals to survive. like a month or so ago i was so tempted to buy some songs from itunes but then just for the hell of it i read some or their survice contract mumbo jumbo. dude they've lowered the amount of times you can burn a song from ten to seven times. and they have this whole thing about authorizing five other computers to play your purchased music (?_?). i just don't get what's going through their head, like they have the number one mp3 site ever and they still want to be total douchbags.

but anyways amazon offers like 2 million songs (which originally sounds like a lot of songs until you true searching for something 2 months old or older) for a buck or less and you can download it directly into itunes without any problems. it totally got me thinking about the movie amelie or all things, cause i totally love the movie but i also really enjoy the music and just wanted to hear some of the musical score, but amazon like itunes doesn't have it for instant enjoyment (even 30 seconds worth *shiku shiku*). i don't know i think i'll probably just buy the dame movie some time, but having the soundtrack would also be kick ass, cause then i could listen to it on these headphones i'm now in love with. they're these retro, lime green, clamshell headphones from panasonic that so rock my socks. they'll be a little clunky to lug around, but that's never stopped me.

let's see what else. . . i think i'm doing pretty good in both my classes. from the perspective teacher, whom i thought hated everything i brought into class, i actually got something in the B family for my midpoint grade, it's a B- but that still counts dammit! side note: my proff mentioned this other proff her name is barabra something and she is like THE institution, she's been here for 50 some odd years. the way this relates to me is that she wrote an artbook, i'm not 100% sure but i think i bought her book and totally bashed it on amazon (oopps). but the book totally sucks so i feel justified. i'll just never take her class which will be easy seeing as how she only teaches one class a semester and you have to go through some review to be admited in.

so back to my other thread, i think i'm doing pretty ok in figure drawing even though my proff is such a hard grader. we have this new assignment that we're supposed to start tomorrow doing really detailed 19x24 inch black and white portraits. if i were able to make it over to the academies library and check out some of their books i might have found something worth while, but as is i had to rely on my meager entertainment weekly clippings and the internet. you would think that would be ok, but no, hell fucking no! like no one has good balck and white head shots that contain core shadows, cast shadows, form shadows, reflected light, and hightlights. especially when you add in that i wanted someone in their 30-40's, "ethnic", and with something other than that prozac endused euphoria stupid grin plastered on their face. it's like impossible. i just don't understand it. nearly killed my computer, after four days of failure. i ended up scanning a color picture from portraits by steve mccurry, i so heart that book, and tweaking it in iphoto (iphoto has some awesomely cool handles btw) and sending it it. it's of this litlle girl on a train forlornly looking outside the window of a train, with bright yellow ribbons woven in her hair. i've wanted to do this pic for a while, but never had the confidence to take it on. here goes.

and to end this post on a somewhat humorous note, the other day i was going to be so late for work, i knew it and called in. my boss being really cool and lax, wasn't bothered seeing as how the lab was pretty dead. so even though i'm in the clear i'm trying to get to work quickly. i'm walking down likke stockton and see a 30 pull into the bus stop, so i'm like jetting towards it yelling and waving my hands so the bus driver wont leave. i make it to the bus get on, scrounge around in my bad for the proper amount, double check that the bus will let me off on 4th and branan, and then labourously make my way towards the back and find a seat. so it took me like a minute or two to find my seat, sit down, arrange my stuff and get comfortable. the whole time the bus hasn't moved (even thought the bus driver had been honking on at like no one). so we sit there for like another minute or two (typical) and the bus driver looks back at the waiting crowed and is like "this is the end of the line people, get off and get on to the bus behind me". . . . WTF!?!? this dude just let three people (including me) onto the bus, took my money, and looked me straight in the eye saying that he was going to 4th and branan (flabbergasted). i mean the guy was nice and gave me a transfere, but he totally looked at everyone on the bus like they were idiots for not figuring out that we were at the end of the line. if we were at the end of the line he shouldn't of let new people onto the bus, took their money, and just sat there!

whatever, i'm tired.

i need a drink, sleep, and more sleep

so yeah nothings really gone as i expected this weekend. right now i'm cranking up my ipod in the hopes of drown out the sounds of a group of annoying twitering girls who have obviously found the funniest thing in the world, which is why they must burst out into fits of laughter every two minutes for the past freakin hour. i don't think my poor eardrums can take much more.

anyways i got my first grade for my perspective class, it was a C. i was so bummed. i mean i didn't expect to get an A with it but i thought it was a pretty original concept so that would get me some extra points and make up for my atrocious coloring (i such with prisma markers, maybe he'll let me use my copics instead). i think what really sucked was that where my proff drew overlays and showed the other students how to as more detail to their drawings he came up with a totally different compostion for mine and totally disregared my style/ aesthetics and europeanized it. harsh. not to say that the compostion couldn't use a bit of tweaking, cause it did, but it i was hoping he'd like something about the thing. oh well, at least he allows us to boost each grade with extra credit.

so the next assignment was to come up with 24 layout concepts (thumbnails, thank noodle) and apply the whole gray-scale thingy. at first it seemed like a pretty cool thing that wouldn't take too long. but man it's really hard not only to come up with 24 concept sketchs but to color the little fuckers. shading takes time *whines*. luckly no one showed up on both saturday and sunday so i had the whole day to work/play/sleep/ drool. (Note: apparently saturday was the Love Fest or something and there was a big parade, basically just an excuse for a whole bunch of girls to get slutted up and guys to ogle. and sunday was the Folsom Fair think emo, goth, leather, s&m, all wrapped up into one big party. it explained alot cause when i came over on the bus this guy got on all dressed up in leather biker cap, studded leather jacket, pants, and boots. the thing that really made him stick out a 9 am was that he was carrying a cane. not like a pimped out cane but like a "hi i'm thirty and broke my hip" kinda cane).

it just kills me cause i've been working on these damn thumbnails the entire week and i still have three and a half to finish, i'm so not getting any sleep tonight. and no matter how much i try they just wont come out right. i'm way to chicken shit to place a lighting element in the compostion so i know i'm gonna get a shit grade again. if only he'd grade us (well really just me cause i have no idea what everyone else got) as the nooblets we are and not the artist we are being groomed into.

i just had to take a break from trying to distinguish the background from the midground. and coming up with interesting little details/ storyline. besides the fact that my whole right half is killing me. (man this is a whiny post, please forgive, i'll be back to my regular disenchanted/pessimistic self again. promise).

eh, back to the grinding stone

this may become a weekly thing

so here i am again at work (man that actually feels good to say) and it's raining, not cats and dogs, but enough to hear the steady downpour factory/ classroom/ workspace corragated(?) roof. i was gonna be late today, well i was late getting here, what a difference 10 minutes make, and that difference was me and three other students standing outside trying to use the campus telephone that was disconnected. Luckly one of the girls had a campus number, not to security or the head of any department, but still it was a campus number and we reached a human being, and that human being called another human being and 10 minutes latter some guy showed up and ten minutes after that another guy showed up only this one had a key to get inside. all and all i ended up being a good 45 minutes late or so, but luckly no one was here, so no one noticed. or what i should really say is that no one was here for stop-motion animation. there were, as i suspected workers inside still getting this place together, and a handful of grad students. but because of how the building is set up they couldn't hear our insistant(?) pounding on the window. well that and the fact that they are constantly using power tools and pounding on random metal bits. *shrugs*

anyways saturdays pretty much entail me to sit around on my ass from 8-12 doing whatever the hell i want, and then after 12 some stop-motion kids might scurry in. for this saturday i'm gonna do my homework for perspective. can't remember if i mentioned it in my last posting but i'm taking both perspective and figure drawing. i went to my first class for each, and they were both pretty cool. with perspective we're starting off with isometric angles/planes. this means that there's basically no perspective, or should say that proportions and what not remain but objects don't get smaller as they go off into the distance, they stay the exact same size as things in the foreground. think video games like the sims where you're constantly looking down on the players from an elevated plane, where the ground plane is slightly elevated and angled so that the players are visible from head to toe and you can see like the tops of fridges and stuff.

i take it that isometric angles are supposed to be pretty simple for beginners cause you don't have to worry about one-point two-point or three-point perspective and all. but even for a yutz like me who understands what perspective/ vanishing points are supposed to do (even though i can never make them work right) isometric angles are really hard. i'm not used to doing a top down view so that feels really odd to me. plus the fact that i'm told that i can't do something, like show the sky, automatically means that i come up with like a couple ideas for the same landscape (i decided to do a landscape btw instead of an interioir) from different angles. but i think the hardest thing about isometric angles is trying to break away from the boxy look. when i saw my classmates work a lot of them were really good idea wise, but they were all so clunky and video game-y. so i'm setting out to have rasied hill sections in my landscape, we'll se how that turns out.

as for figure drawing, i really wanted to take clothed figure drawing but that class was basically all full except for the online class and that would've been really pathetic, seeing as how i only live in oakland. not to mention a total waste of 2k. so i'm taking an intro figure drawing class instead, while it's true you can never take too many figure drawing classes it would've been nice to do a bit more advanced work. as is i'm a little rusty seeing as how within the past four years i was only able to take two figure drawing classes, both of them at accredited liberal arts colleges, and both of them sucking ass. but even with all that i'm still doing pretty good in the class. for most students it seems like this is their first figure drawing class, so their proportions are off. it seems to be some kind of trend or whatever that while you may get the top half of the body right the bottom half is stunted dramatically. i totaly use to do that before my first figure drawing class, now i over compensate and make all of my figures look like 10 foot tall super heroes.

i'd say that the only thing that sucks about working for academy is that i can't take part in the extra curiccular activities. like this upcoming weekend is going to be the lily bunkka festival/activity. basically academy is flying in 60 japanese artist for a three-day activity thingy (they're probably staying longer but the activity thing is only for three days) in which they and eny participating students will be broken up into mixed groups of like 6-10 people and will create a project based on whatever this years theme is. thre'll be free food and prizes. while it's possible that i might be able to get someone to cover for me on saturday it would be such a shitastic move to ask for them to cover for me the entire weekend, seeing as how this will only be my second week here. plus the fact that the committee incharge wants you to participate for all three days. *sighs*. we'll see. also i noticed as i walked into the building that PIXAR will be coming to make a presentation for academy students oct 16, a tuesday (one of the four days/week i work), if i don't get to make it to the bunkka sai i'm definitely gonna have to weasel my way out of work that day, cause that's something i just can't miss. and lastly academy offers workshops for all of their classes intersperesed throughout the week, most of which i can't make cause i'm working.

all and all i'm so not working when i get into the mfa program (wishful thinking). between school and work you just miss out on way too much of the awesome activities your tuition is paying for.

it's been forever

haha, i know it's been like forever 33 weeks to be exact (or so livejournal tells me), but i might start making this blog thing a weekly habit, that is of course until i come up with an interesting url and start my own independent blog thingy and make some money. but i digress let me go back to how this whole new found desire to keep up to date came about.

about 11 months ago i started working for the apple store and it was pretty cool. the people i was working with were a friendly colorful bunch. i got to play with macs, ipods, and the likes all day, and got a pretty hefty paycheck. skip to three months later and all of the above said was still true just that corporate had invaded into my life. by corporate i mean this onipotent (?) presence that never truely manifested itself but was always watching. so we as little mac specialists always had to keep the floor spotless, never let more than three people form a line, and have an up to date knowledge of ever tom dick and harry that worked down at corporate by sight just in case one of them darkend our doorstep. for my first point, i know keeping a store clean is what the salesperson is supposed to do, but they went beyond that. if over time we might have come up with some way to make our life easy that either made customer service more efficient or a workers well-being just a bit better and it went against what corporate said (i.e. rearranging the product signs so customers could see things better) we ended up with a lecture on how that was not how corporate wanted it so it was bad, just like all free thinking is.

anyways skip ahead to about three weeks ago (however many months later that was). i had hit a really really low point in my life when i realised that all i had to show for going to scripps was soul-crushing debut, a brief understanding of the liberal arts, and a scripps jacket i got for 75% off the last week of school. pathetic i know. and at that point i was just so depressed because i didn't have the technical skills to get into any animation studio anywhere. this point was made all too aware buy my lack of getting an original art piece into a threadless t-shirt contest. it wasn't that my design not winning the contest was crushing, i really didn't expect much from it. it was that i didn't even make it into the contest! before you can be judged by the genreal population you have to go through a preliminary judging to make sure you meet all of the criteria (i.e. don't have more than five colors, nothing obsene, aren't copying, etc.). i meet those. what ended up happening was. . . the image i submitted with their template was too freakin large!!! let me explain. threadless has a couple of templates the one i chose to use was of a two dimensional t-shirt drawing. you as the artist were to place your design within the t-shirt or to give some sort of outline of where the t-shirt would be placed. in my over zealous desire to enter the competition i made my design too large, so that if the image were in fact choosen and printed the image, ratio wise, would fill up more than a 13x9 inch area. and as such i was rejected. *blink* *blink*. because threadless is so popular i wasn't able to scale down my design and resubmit it. and at the end of the letter they tell you to just come up with another idea. that would've been fine if had the artistic skills fulfil anyone of the other designs i had come up, but i didn't.

i realised that while the animation classes i was taking at berkeley city college (bcc), formally known as vista, were ok, they gave me the theoretical skills to be an animator just not the technical skills and it wasn't likely that i would if i continued going there. so i would have to look elsewhere. none of the other community colleges around the bay seemed to be any better than bcc so that just left the private animation colleges. expressions college in emeryville while being a pretty cool place was way over priced (compared to the other art insitutes) and the animation course, as i had learned from my fellow apple employees who attended expressions, was a bit too fast paced cramming ever form of animation into a two year plan. so i looked at academy of art and the san francisco art insitute, ai, (this all happened like three months ago btw). academy was cool, but i'd need to take at least two undergrad classes to bolster up my portfolio for the 2d mfa program, oh and each course costs about 2k before you add in the course fees, application fees, student fees, supplies, and general transportaion expenses. ai on the other hand, well it was basically all the same, but i would've needed a demo reel and to have maintained a 3.28 gpa or higher in college (which unfortunately i didn't) to even be looked at. the admissions lady there was willing to pull some strings for me if i was willing to sign away my life (i.e. more student loans) right there and go through the bfa program for a while then switch into the mfa program. aside from signing my soul away, yet again, ai seemed pretty ok at first glance, but then to try and reel me in that admissions lady started telling me all these horror stories about academy and generally just trashing them.

if the only way you can make yourself look good is by trashing others, especially if your this snooty art insitute, then you probably aren't that cool. so i nixed. this left me academy and 5k that i was supposed to magically make appear. *sigh*. so yeah i got even more depressed realising that all i had ahead of me was a life in crumby-ass retail and their shit pay.

but then (travel back three weeks ago, again) i was searching through craigslist, casue monster is total shit, looking for any entry level artistic or film related jobs. and low and behold academy was offering some part-time jos, and as an employee you get to take one undergrad class tuition FREE!!! *squee* so i sent in for the 2d lab technician job and three days later got a call. i was basically handed overr the job point blank, all i had to do was get three references and pass a drug test, and that wasn't a problem cause i hadn't even eaten a poppy-seed anything in like a month. so three days after that i handed in in my two-week notice, left apple thursday september 14, 2007 and started work as the expiremental stop-motion animation lab tech yesturday.

besides being scheduled to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn, no scratch that half and hour prior to the butt-crack of dawn every saturday it's a pretty cushy job. i just sit at my little desk, check in and out equipment, do a little troubleshooting with the gizmos, and surf the internets as i've been doing for the past hour and a half, now. seeing as how schools just started things are pretty lax, hell i'm the only one here on this fine saturday morning, but things will probably pick up as the weeks progress.

my fingers are doing that cramping thing right about now so i'll end here.

next week: the joys of my last day at apple, plus a detailed look at my first week at academy and a bit more about what i actuall do here.

oh yeah i'm taking the tuition free undergrad class plus i paid for another so the hope is that i'll be able to apply for the mfa program next semester! *wave*


escaping thought bubbles

so far for this new year i have seen three movies. i think the first one was "children of men" that was really good. i love clive owen so i'm willing to see almost anything he's but, but as a kicker the whole plot/ acting/ scripting was excellent. i read some reviews that said the plot was to convoluted, but it worked out fine for me (maybe i've seen too many movies, no that's not possible).

the next movie i saw was "earagon" i knew it was gonna be one hell of a shittastic movie but i went anyways, i had to see that dragon in action. i'm guessing every big name in it was hoping that it would be another harry potter, or that they could at least piggyback off of it's success, but no. . . hellllll no. that movie was godaweful, the plot was non-existant, a good percent of the editing sucked ass (now that i've taken a movie editing class and learned how things are supposed to be done i've become such an editing snob) and for all that is holy the scripting was atrocious. i'd say the worst performance by a landslide was john malcovich, the man's a hack! he's got one incredibly boring monotoness voice that had no business being in that movie, but what is really funny is that just this week entertainment weekly released "the top 25 actors who took parts in shittastic movies just for the money" or something like that, and jeromy irons was the one they hounded for taking a role in such a horrible movie.

the last movie i saw to date was "pan's labyrinth" i'd recommend it to anyone who still loves thier childhood fairytales and doesn't mind their childhood innocence crawling into a deep deep dark hole-in-the-wall, curling up into the fetal position, and forgeting what sunlight, happy kitty bunny poney books, x-mas look like cause this is one traumatizing movie. if you have a weak stomach be warned this is a brutal movie, but besides that it's awesome.

. . . as you may have noticed in the above their were way too many religious references in my writing, i think it's loosely connected to some gaybashing law and order episode i watched the other night, plus the word of the day skit on the stephen colbert show also on the other night. it got me to thinking and i came up with this quote. i was gonna put it up on facebook as my own personal quote, but remembered i had way too many christian friends (most of whom are newly reaquainted, and as such might've forgotten how anti-religion i am) who might take offense so i'm putting it up here where no one will read it *single tear* anyways here it goes, my quote:

"if hell is full of people who think, believe, and act like me then it's gonna be AWESOME!"

this is of course, only pertinent if i actually believed in god (which i don't) i want some hard proof facts, dammit!

oh yeah, just in case you were wondering why i all of a sudden started writing on livejournal like mad crazy (three times in one month i think that's a record for me) it has to due with the fact that i might be getting sacked cause i'm not selling enough crap over at apple (like they give me enough hours a week to sell anything) so i've like taken up activities that cost zero dinero, cause i might be broke real soon. such a sad sad affair *sniff* oh well.

so far in the new year

as of yet this year has been pretty good to me. i got dsl in the house FINALLY, it took ages but now it is here and i'm spending every waking hour (on average two or three a day) online, i just didn't realize how good i had it a scripps until i had to go nine freakin months without. besides that i started classes at berkeley city college the other week and they all seem to be pretty good. from the synopsis and the little slideshow previews my teachers gave us the first week i'll be learning completely new things that i had only dabbled in previously but never truly got the hang of. this is great cause i'm gaining new skills that will help me land a new job possibly a lot sooner than later. while i really like the people i work with at apple, and love macs as we all know, the whole corporate thing is just too creepy. i mean they, my bosses (?), know that i want to stay on that i've been working hard, getting there on time, and literally selling thosands of dollars of merchandise everyday. but unfortunately when it comes to my computer sales my "add ons" are down, so at the end of the month if i haven't shown any improvement i could be out of a job (which is so not fair casue i just got back into the mindset of HAVING money and now they want to take it away from me *whines*). so hopefully i'll land on my feet and get my dream job at pixar or something.heehee.